Advanced embedding technology that works everywhere

Embed insurance into existing purchase flows

Match fonts, colours and styles with the host website or app

Easy to embed with just a few lines of code, or use our plugin

Pre-seed data to save customers time and improve conversions

Real-time quoting - display the premium estimate as you go

Headless embedding via APIs also available


Support workflows unique to your service offering

Quotes can be created and resumed by customers on a website, or using the customer portal

Quotes can be created by brokers within the agent portal, and a link can be sent to customers to review, accept and make payment

Quotes can be started by customers, and resumed by brokers when customers need assistance

Set review triggers for situations where brokers need to step in

Set endorsement triggers for situations when an underwriter needs to get involved

Customer save, continue and call-back

Progress through a quote journey is saved automatically. If they come back, it will pick up where they left off automatically

Customers can request a link to be sent to them to continue their quote on a different device

Customers can request a callback at any time, upon which a email or SMS will be sent to an agent with the customer’s contact information

Advanced tools for managing quotes

Quotes can be set to expire automatically (e.g. after 30 days), manually, or at a specific date

Quote versions can be tracked so the history of a quote can be inspected in the portal

A previous quote version can be edited, allowing a user to go back to a point in time and continue from there

Full quote details can be inspected in the portal, including quote details, questions answered, premium and price breakdowns, attached files and documents, associated emails and SMSes and more


A unified view of your customers so you can communicate with confidence

Your customer is fully modelled in the system, allowing you to see individuals and companies and their related information

Supports multiple people or parties related to a policy

View all associated records under a customer, including quotes, policies, claims, emails, SMSes, financial transactions, notes

A customer can be assigned to a broker or agent responsible for managing the account, and the agent can view a list of their customers.


A full suite of policy management functions to handle every situation

Supports the full lifecycle of policy transactions including new business, adjustments, endorsements, renewals and cancellations

Additional reversal and reinstatement transactions also available

Automatic prorating of premiums and charges

Configure renewal and refund settings, and per transaction type options

View detailed information about issued, active, expired and cancelled policies.

View a full transaction history, questions answered, rating factors, premium and price breakdowns, associated files and documents, associated claims, communications and notes

From simple FNOL through to a full claims processing workflow

The platform supports the submission, notification, lodgement, reviews, assessment and settlement of claims by customers or agents

Integrate with external claims systems to keep claims in sync, or upload claims periodically

Claims history within the system can be automatically fed into renewal ratings calculations

Set up automations so that for a total loss (e.g. for a vehicle or asset), it automatically cancels the policy


Create the organisations you do business with, and let them self manage

Power your product distribution by setting up organisations within the platform, giving them the tools to quote, bind, and sell

Control what each organisation can do, and provide pricing or customisations unique to your relationship with them

Allow them to manage their own users and use dashboards and reports to track and improve their performance

Data is segregated per organisations, with rules and restrictions configurable for data sharing.

Create new customer portals at the click of a button

Create as many customer portals as you like, each with a different theme and branding, and designate them for certain products or schemes

Allow customers to view their quotes and policies, access their transaction history and download policy documents

Customers can create new quotes and policies directly in the portal

Allow customers to fully self serve, including making adjustments to the policy, renewing or cancelling, and creating a claim


Generate and manage
documents easily and intuitively

All documents associated with an issued policy will be attached to the quote, policy and claims including the PDS, FSG, Policy Wording, Certificate of Currency, Policy Schedule, Quote Schedule and more

Beautiful documents associated with quotes, claims and policies can be generated automatically from document templates, merging in fields and values entered during the quote process.

Upload, store and manage additional documents in the agent porta

Communicate in ways that work best for your customers

Send emails or SMS messages to customers, brokers, insurers, underwriters and claims handlers

Emails can contain deep links to specific pages or actions within the portal, for example allowing an underwriter to click a link to review a specific quote for endorsement

Each message is associated with the customer, quote, policy, claim or user and can be viewed in the portal at any time, keeping a full history of communications for compliance purposes

For maximum email deliverability, you can configure DKIM in a few clicks

Enterprise user management and role based access controls

Users can be created, managed and disabled by those with the relevant permissions

Each user can have a profile picture to easily identify them to others

The system comes with a set of predefined roles, but you can create custom roles and assign them to users

It's easy to see which roles and specific permissions each user has

Account security controls to safeguard user's data

Passwords must meet strict minimum strength requirements

Passwords can be configured to expire after a set number of days (e.g. 90 days)

User sessions can be configured to expire after a fixed period (e.g. a month), or a period of inactivity (e.g. 15 minutes)

All data is encrypted and handled in accordance with PCI-DSS security standards

A modern suite of payment processing options

Take payments via credit card (all major cards)

Take payments via EFT, direct debit, BPAY

Premium funding via your preferred lender

Customer can pay in monthly or annual instalments

Support for instant payment splitting between insurers, broker and referrers

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Extend and customise in a few clicks, to fulfil your unique requirements

Record specific data that helps you manage your insurance business

Custom fields can be defined against any object in the system, including quotes, quote versions, policies, policy transactions, claims, claim versions, invoices, credit notes, payments, refunds, products and more

Field values can be set or accessed from within the portal, or during quote or claim sessions, or during automations to extend the functionality of the system further

An automations engine with powerful API integration capabilities to enable a truly interconnected cloud solution

Interact with live data throughout the quoting process

Send reminders to customers who abandon their quotes, or when renewals are coming up

Schedule reports to be emailed automatically

Integrate with broking systems, CRMs, and accounting platforms, making use of our pre-built integrations - or configure your own

Extend functionality in unique ways with the full power of the platform

Powerful ratings engines for even the most complex products

Support the most complex ratings engines, including multi-location, multi-vehicle, or multi-situation ratings

The system can perform lookups into large datasets including NFID, GNAF, and any custom dataset you provide

Make use of maps and shapes for location based ratings, for example to rate based upon elevation, cyclone risk, flood risk, or any situation that falls within a specific polygon on a map

Alternatively, make use of an insurer’s API for ratings


Support multiple currencies and languages so you can sell insurance anywhere, to anyone

Transact globally, and quote in local currencies

Translate quote and claim forms into languages you want to support

Allow customers to switch currencies and languages during the quote process

Use one of our language packs or create another language pack for the portal


Taxes calculated correctly every time, with detailed accounting records for every transaction

Taxes, charges and levies are automatically calculated and applied according to the applicable tax jurisdictions of policies

Accounting records are maintained in association with customers and organisations, including issuing invoices, bills, credit notes, debit notes, credit payments and debit payments

An account transaction history can be viewed within the portal

Payments and refunds are recorded automatically when transacted through the system, and can be manually recorded when transacted outside the system


Dashboard, reports, graphs, charts, analytics and data exports

A powerful dashboard gives you and your affiliates an up to the minute view of performance in terms of quotes, policies and claims

Data is segregated and information is presented according to access controls

Data can be pushed into analytics or business intelligence platforms either in real time or periodically so you can crunch the data any way you like

Custom reports can be designed and built to allow you to manage your insurance operations

Data can be pushed into an Excel template with predefined charts and filtering so you can manage data in ways that you’re used to

Model your distribution authorities and binder agreements and have them enforced by code

Set up distribution agreements between two parties and have the platform control how products are sold, with what limits, commission percentages and more

Specify information sovereignty and sharing

Control the ability to perform functions like endorsements

Grant the authority to distribute the product through schemes and affiliates


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