Launch Products Fast

Leverage our platform to launch effective full lifecycle digital experiences for customers and brokers, for any existing or new product offering. Building products is fast with amazing results that users love.

Drive Premium Growth

Products are designed and built to minimise abandonment, taking into account the psychology and needs of indiviual user types. We make customers sticky, and make your product the first choice for brokers.

API Connectivity

Make use of your existing technology infrastructure and connect via API to use your existing ratings engines, and for real time transactional data flows. Integrate and automate what you didn't think was possible.

Distribution Channels

Tap into brokerage networks and grow them with portals and marketplaces. Sell through affinity groups and associations. Take advantage of our affiliates using our embedded offerings.

Get to market at speed, with all the features insurance companies need distribute insurance at scale

Launch products rapidly and test new markets

Drive premium growth by providing a solution to brokers that they love

Provide customer direct or broker portal real time quoting with a live premium estimate that updates as they change their selections

Pull in live data via API during the quoting process to rate intelligently and accurately

Embed insurance in websites, apps, or within existing purchase flows, pre-seeding data to save customers time and improve conversions

Provide branded versions of your forms with question changes for specific partners


Provide different ratings, occupations and limits to specific brokerages so you can cater to their client base

Handle referrals with multiple approval workflows. Brokers can review referred quotes, and your underwriters can review, load premiums, add endorsements and special conditions, and then release the quote back to the broker or customer for acceptance

Set up your network or brokerages or affiliates in the system, with their own logins and user self-management capabilities. Control what they can do, and give them dashboards and reports to track their performance

Generate beautiful policy documents and manage documents associated with a policy in the portal

Access communications history so you can prove your compliance


Automate key processes and procedures, and integrate with your existing technology stack easily using our automations engine

Generate reports in a number of formats, including auto-loading of data into Excel templates, so you can manipulate data any way you like

Connect to your existing APIs for ratings, transactional data flows, and more

Tap into our distribution channels to sell to new market segments

Leverage our leading embedded insurance technology for affinity opportunities

Transact globally, in any language or currency


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Explore our effective insurance user journeys, discover our agent sales tools, and find out how our deep feature set will help you achieve your objectives.

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uBind helps insurance companies launch products faster and distribute them to brokers and customers

Get to market quickly

Save time and cost with new product launches when you build them in the uBind platform

Distribute to networks

Using tools your brokers will love, let them transact quickly and effortlessly through uBind

Focus on growth

Make customers stick. Be brokers first choice for quoting insurance for their customers

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